Why Steam Carpet Cleaning Is The Only Way To Go

Posted on: March 16, 2016 by in Steam Cleaning of Carpets
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Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Despite your best efforts of regularly cleaning your carpets, stains and dirt marks may appear to be permanent. To really clean your carpet and remove deep set stains, you will need professional services from a reputable carpet steam cleaner company. Before hiring one, you should know some essential things before selecting a service provider.

Steam carpet cleaning is not chemical free

As compared to dry carpet cleaning in which vacuum and cleaning sprays are used to clear the dirt, steam cleaning involves water which is used to make steam along with necessary cleaning chemicals. The machines used during the procedure use hot water to make steam, but it does not clean the carpet with steam only.

The machine applies the detergent to your carpet and hot water, which activates the detergent on carpet fibers.

There are separate categories of detergents used for each type of carpets. Alkaline detergents are used for synthetic carpets whereas the acidic detergents are applied in natural fiber or wool carpets.


Benefits of steam cleaning

Most people prefer steam carpet cleaning instead of dry cleaning because it removes dirt from deep down in your carpet and removes stains permanently. Dry cleaning can make the stains disappear for a short period of time and they eventually show up again. Some people are conscious about their health and safety and do not prefer to use chemicals for cleaning. For them, obviously dry vacuum cleaning is the best approach.

Get your carpet cleaned without steam cleaning

If you are overly worried about the safety concerns and want to get your carpet cleaned without using any cleaning chemicals, you can request the carpet cleaner use a specialized organic cleaning solution which will clean your carpets without any harm.

Steam Cleaning is safe

The detergents used in steam cleaning are removed completely from your carpet when the hot water extraction is applied. The steamCarpet and Upholstery cleaners removes all of the dirt and chemicals from the carpet so there are less chances of any residues left behind. For people who are having any sorts of health concerns like asthma and allergies, there are cleaning solutions available which are non-toxic and are free of dyes.

Steam carpet cleaning can be done by yourself and all you will need is a rental cleaning machine, some cleaning detergents and a vacuum. Take necessary safety measures if you are performing the cleaning by yourself. Ask a professional cleaner for the amount of detergent you should use and what procedure to follow. Cleaning chemicals are harsh and leave strong odors after they are applied. So ask the cleaning company to guide you about the detergents which are suitable to your health.